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Unfortunately, China’s urbanization is characterized by “…unsustainable urban planning has yielded polluted cities that are destroying China’s ecosystem. … To achieve the country’s goals of raising living standards for a broader share of the population, cities must be better designed to yield energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.”


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Environmental Planning

This Environment and Land Use page presents some ways that you can use your skills, and provides some examples and links to others, to suggest ways that you can find a career solving environmental problems.


Environmental problems are widely characterized as ‘wicked problems,’ problems that are difficult to solve because of incomplete information, contradictory stakeholder opinions and goals, and changing regulatory, economic, and social conditions. Preparing plans to solve such problems always requires teams of experts from different disciplines working together and also working with diverse stakeholders. This web page tries to suggest how individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets can collaborate with people with other complimentary skills to make and implement plans to solve environmental problems. Collaboration is essential to effectively prepare and implement plans to solve environmental problems.


Individuals who want to collaborate to solve environmental problems need several things in addition to intelligence, dedication, and the skills they can bring to the team. Everyone on the team does not need to be expert in environmental science, but they all must know something about the wide range of topics related to environmental problems and know or quickly learn a sufficient amount of the jargon that other members of the team may use to participate as a team member.


Exploring this site may help you expand your knowledge of how plans are created and implemented to solve environmental problems and learn some the jargon that is important to allow you to effectively collaborate with others on a team to solve the problems.  Under the heading “ENVIRONMENTAL PLANS IN THE NEWS” there are newspaper articles about interesting examples of efforts to solve current environmental problems.  Under the heading “FIELD TRIPS” there are brief reports with photos of locations in Western New York that a graduate class in Environmental Planning Methods visits on a field trip with local professionals to study how plans were developed and implemented to solve different environmental problems. There are also links to places where you can find more information. You can post your thoughts about the news articles or about the field trip by typing your thoughts in the box below ‘leave a reply’ at the bottom of the news article or field trip page.


Please contribute comments about this Environmental Planning Home Page that you think will help people discover how they can contribute to solving environmental problems by clicking on the phrase: ‘leaving a comment’ on the upper left hand corner of this page.

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Field Trips

Master’s of Urban Planning Students at the SUNY University at Buffalo are able to get some firsthand learning experience in the field with the amount of opportunities available in Buffalo and the surrounding areas. To view some of these fieldtrips, click on the link in the upper right corner, or the following links:

Union Ship Canal

Times Beach Nature Park

Abandoned Battery Manufacturing Facility

Community Gardens

Joseph Davis State Park

McKinstry Creek

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This site was created to be an open space for anyone out there who is interested in utilizing land use planning to both shape and preserve the environment.

Articles related to environmental land use issues will be posted regularly, so feel free to leave a comment with your opinion on the issue!